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Live Monitoring Parameters

The following describes the Live Monitoring Parameters that are displayed on the eSeries ventilator screens.


Mve (L):

Minute Volume is the total exhaled volume for the last 60 seconds as calculated using the last 8 breaths.

  • The Mve will constantly change.

  • The value is recalculated and displayed at the end of exhalation phase.

  • When the unit is first turned on or resumed after pausing or making a mode selection, the Mve calculation will be based on every exhaled breath until the 8th exhaled tidal volume.

  • Once the 8th exhaled tidal volume is achieved the calculation will resume as stated above.

Vte (ml):

Tidal Volume is the volume exhaled by the patient in Mandatory, Spontaneous or Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV) breaths.

  • Vte is calculated based on the entire expired flow displayed as volume.

  • Vte is updated at the beginning of the next inspiratory phase (at the end of the exhalation phase).

Paw AV (cm H2O):

Paw AV is the average patient airway pressure measured during the last 60 seconds.

  • This measurement is monitored by the ventilator at all times and modes.

  • The number on display will be updated every 15 seconds.

Paw Peak (cm H2O):

Peak airway pressure is the maximum pressure measured during the inspiratory phase.

  • The number on the screen represents the maximum pressure during the mandatory inspiratory phase of Assist Control (A/CV), Spontaneous Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV), BiLevel (BiLVL), and CPR modes.

  • In CPAP mode the maximum pressure during the spontaneous inspiratory phase is displayed.

  • The number is updated at the end of each inspiratory phase.

Rate (BPM):

Rate (BPM) is the rate at which the breaths are delivered in one minute.

  • The monitored breath rate is calculated by measuring the time interval (Tb means inspiration + expiration time) between 2 breaths.

  • Rate (BPM) equals 60 / Tb.

  • The number is updated after each breath.

  • The number is displayed for both mandatory and spontaneous breathing phases.

    •  Mandatory means ventilator controlled.

Ventilation Waveform Display:

The ventilation waveform display provides a breath-by-breath visual representation of the breathing cycle. By pressing the Waveform Selection Button the waveform display will switch between pressure and flow ventilation waveforms on the screen.

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